Gate ruler National Exchange Convention

Gate ruler National Exchange Convention


This is the first event of "Gate ruler National Exchange Convention".

- It will be conducted in a tournament style, but it is NOT a competition to determine the best player, its a peaceful social event.

- Date of event:  November 20, 2022 at 1:00 a.m. Japan time.

- The event is free of charge and open to people of any nationality as long as they can speak English. Any kinds, English, Japanese, or Chinese versions cards are acceptable, but as a general rule, this event is for English-speaking people. If there are many applicants from Japan, the number of participants will be limited and decide participants by drawing lots.

- The card pool will take place in the environment up to the 4th edition.

- For this tournament, proxies are allowed. However, the number of proxies should be max 12 cards, and please use a copy of the official card image (English or Japanese version) that the cards can be clearly identified.

- Promotional cards cannot be used this event.

- If there is a trouble with the rules, both players should discuss and decide. If both players cannot agree, please call a judge.

- The 1st and 2nd place prize will receive a promotional souvenir card. And the same card will also be distributed to 2 other players by drawing lots.

- The winner and runner-up will be asked to submit a photo of their decklist after the tournament. The photos of the decks will be published official article of the event.

Please register here!

This event is experimental and if successful, the next event will be organized.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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