Overview of New Keywords in Booster Set Vol. 4

Overview of New Keywords in Booster Set Vol. 4

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Today, we would like to go through the new keyword mechanics that will be introduced in the upcoming Booster Set Vol. 4: Become the Hero.

 New Ability Keyword: Gear Up

Gear Up is an ability that allows you to place a unit card on top of your ruler, allowing the ruler to become one with the unit and charge right into the thick of battle!

The new Gear Up keyword ability is an ability on some units that can change your ruler in a number of ways. If a unit card has this ability, instead of summoning it normally, you can instead have your ruler (which represents you, the player) Gear Up into it. Not only can this improve your offensive capabilities by replacing your ruler’s stats with the unit’s, it also grants a layer of defense!

?Gear Up?does not count as a normal summon, so it allows you to get around the pesky summon cap while increasing the number of unit cards in your deck. In addition, it costs no resources to use!

While Gear Up is obviously great for rulers with low stats, even rulers that have higher stats can benefit from the Gear Ability of a unit with Gear Up. Just make sure that any units with Gear Up you add to your deck work well with whatever ruler you are using!

When a Gear Up ability is successfully resolved on a ruler, that ruler is treated as being Geared Up . There are specific rules involving Geared Up unit cards and rulers, and some cards have abilities that are only activated or usable when your ruler is Geared Up.

Gear Up

A card that can Gear Up says Gear Up in its text like the example above. When using a Gear Up ability, you do not pay any resources for it or count it towards your summon cap.

Once you successfully resolve a Gear Up ability on your ruler, your ruler becomes Geared Up. Place the unit card with Gear Up on top of your ruler, then place both cards in your defense zone. A Geared Up card(s) can be in a ready state even in a defense zone, and can attack normally just as any unit in an attack zone. A card that is Geared Up uses the stats of the unit card on top for combat, with the exception of the LIFE value of the ruler underneath, which is still referenced as normal.

For example, if a 11. K - Knight (3 ATK and 3 STK) uses the Gear Up on Luca Reihart, Swordsman of the Sacred Blade, while it remains Geared Up , it will have 4 ATK and 2 STK instead of the ones printed on 11. K - Knight.

When a Geared Up card is dealt combat damage, the damage is dealt to the unit on top (the ruler takes no combat damage while it is Geared Up). If the unit that is Geared Up would leave play due to damage or an effect, it and the ruler beneath are no longer Geared Up . The ruler is then returned to its owner’s ruler zone.

A player can always choose not to use a unit’s Gear Up ability, and instead play that unit normally like any other unit.

Gear Requirement and Gear Ability

Some units with the Gear Up ability have specific conditions listed under Gear Requirement. A player may not Gear Up into that unit unless they fulfill all the conditions listed in its Gear Requirement.

Some units with the Gear Up ability have another ability that is active only while they are Geared Up. This kind of ability is listed as a Gear Ability.

If a unit has multiple abilities that are active only while it is Geared Up, each of them will be listed under Gear Ability separated by a “-”.

On the other hand, any text starting with ¦ is not a Gear Ability. These abilities are active and resolved regardless of whether the card is in play as a standalone unit or Geared Up.

New Keyword: Summon Requirement

The Summon Requirement keyword is a continuous ability that must always be resolved when putting a unit with this keyword into play.

The Summon Requirement keyword lists specific actions and/or conditions that must be achieved to put a unit with this keyword into play. In exchange, the unit will have higher stats or stronger abilities relative to its level.

Depending on the nature of the Summon Requirement, it may be difficult to use some of these units with certain rulers. You will have to pick out the units with a Summon Requirement that works well with your ruler.

The Summon Requirement of a unit is resolved before the unit enters play.

If the unit that was trying to enter play is instead sent to a zone outside of play because of its Summon Requirement, then that unit is not treated as having entered play.

This set features many units with these all-new mechanics, in addition to plenty of brand new cards with more of your favorite keywords and abilities. Look out for Become the Hero hitting store shelves soon!

Remember to preorder the new set, Become the Hero!, on your local hobby shop!

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