2. B - Berserker

2. B - Berserker


Card Name
2. B - Berserker
GB02 Onslaught of the Eldritch Gods
Text Card
Attack zones: 2, Defense zones: 1, Set zones: 1

Setup (Steps before starting a game)


(You start with 0 cards in hand and 0 resources)

Start of Turn (Always do this during the start phase of your turn)

Drive 1 cards.

(From the top of your deck, look at a number of cards listed next to the drive. You may pay or set any cards from among them. To set a card, place it face down behind your ruler. Any cards that you do not play or set are sent to the graveyard at the end of your main phase)

Modifiers (These are rules specific to this ruler)

You cannot have a hand (of cards). Ignore all effects that would move or add cards to your hand.

Whenever you play a card, you can play it without paying the cost for its level.

(You still have to pay any costs for activated abilities)
Deck Construction Rules
-Deck Level Cap: 120
(The combined total level of all cards in your deck must be 50 or less)

-CNT (counter) Cap: 16
(The total number of cards with the CNT icon your deck must be 16 or less)

-Choose 2 factions. You may have any number of cards from each of those factions in your deck.
(The faction of a card is indicated by the faction icon on the bottom left, as well as its frame)
(You may choose to have 0 cards from a chosen faction)

-The size of your deck must be exactly 50 cards

-You may have up to 4 cards with the same name in your deck.

-You may have up to 1 Legendary card with the same name in your deck.

-You may have up to 3 different Legendary cards in your deck.