Become the hero!

Become the hero!


Welcome again, Rulers! The long-awaited news of Gate Ruler Booster Set Vol4 are here! Today we want to introduce the new set of Gate Ruler, Become the hero!, which will be released on May 13th! Lets have a look at the contents of the new set!

Become the hero!
Release Date - May 13th, 2022

- (1 Star) 46 different cards
- (2 Stars) 21 different cards
- (3 Stasr) 18 different cards
- (4 Stars) 23 different cards
- (Legend Rare) 4 different cards
- Ruler 5 different cards

- Character Ruler 10 different cards
- Secret cards X different cards

Total 127 different cards + X unique cards (On the cards, more stars means higher rarity)

- 1 pack contains 10 cards
- 1 box contains 36 packs
- 1 carton contains 6 boxes

Each booster box includes 1 random card from 10 different, all of them Character Rulers with unique art!

*The Buy-a-box PR card will be revealed soon!

This product will be released in English. We hope that you like the new cards as much as we do!

Remember to preorder the new set, Become the Hero!, on your local hobby shop!

Distribution for Europe